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fuotiylmnfe (
Date:Mon 19 Feb 2018 12:49:37 PM EST

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Date:Mon 19 Feb 2018 12:49:35 PM EST

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Date:Mon 19 Feb 2018 12:44:13 PM EST

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Date:Mon 19 Feb 2018 12:38:45 PM EST

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Date:Mon 19 Feb 2018 12:38:40 PM EST

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Date:Mon 19 Feb 2018 12:38:35 PM EST

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Date:Mon 19 Feb 2018 12:38:30 PM EST

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Date:Mon 19 Feb 2018 12:37:38 PM EST

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Date:Fri 16 Feb 2018 12:18:39 PM EST


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Richard Bealey (
Date:Fri 29 Dec 2017 10:12:33 AM EST
Subject:Re: Richard Bealey Stories As I See It In The World


29th December 2017
Dear Sky News,
I had an interest in world radio shortwave where I can share my own points of views and ideas with the world and give my interpolation of my own views to see if I can do anything to help in those countries in problems like my own using my knowledge to help countries like Syria, Algeria and Iran.
911 attacks happen even if it came out of Algeria the terrorists of Algeria has no knowledge of what is going on or what they are doing and was never to be blamed for those terror attacks on the west as they had come from Afghanistan.
I did get back letters from those countries like Algeria thanking me for the letters and my views. I had letters from Radio Pang Yonge International of North Korea and a message about the death of the father of North Korea. The son is running for the Government of North Korea Radio Pang young announced on shortwave radio to the world.
I had got some very funny letters back from the English Service Government of Radio Damascus claiming that they are not against me of who I am but against the people that are that they are portraying the peace for Syria of the Assad’s regime.
What this have to do with me writing to government stations around the world and people and myself sharing views on the internet where after 6 or 8 years lies on the world wide web from Russia TV
Those countries that want to cause us harm could be reading my views but not attacking me of what I am thinking from those countries they know that they are writing to me that I am more western then eastern.
I did get some odd messages that I thought was from Islamic State saying “Richard don’t talk about the youths in Egypt what you are hearing on the media that is reporting about Egypt and president Mubarak, no wonder terrorism is all over the world”
It was the Geneva convention on Syria on the BBC News.
I was planning on a trip too Marks and Spencer’s in Exeter, where I was stop by a lady who reminds me of my dental nurse but I said to myself that could me Mrs Assad of Syria she is down in Devon hiding away from the busy London media people like all the newspaper reporters, I told the lady in front of me a posh lady that did you see this lady that walk just past us I bet this is the real Mrs Assad of Syria who is married to the Government of Syria, the lady in front of me could not get out of the shop faster enough when I told her.
As I had written too all of those world stations and people right around the world commented on the wars around the world on social media my comments could not be remove and had asked YouTube and Google too remove them and they would not keep saying I am a competitor but I own the copyright and the news was my views back then on other countries and my views has change.
Year 1997 Sally Jones Look alike of Islamic State but she told me her name was Emma.
I like most days go out for coffees and just relax in different restaurants and I was quite surprise of how nice this lady was in her ballroom red dress coming up to me and meeting me in public no one like her was so nice like she was, I said to myself she can’t be a Scientologist, she can’t be a Mormon but who is she no one is so nice but her personality had grown on me and all the time I was thinking of her could she own all the coffee shops in Exeter or something more too this lady that I don’t know off? For years I never thought she could be the real Sally Jones from Syria but lots of people say she is in Syria so it can’t be? But she dresses out of place with a small high pitch attention seeking lady. She can’t be narcissistic but she sometimes had a bad temper on the phone. It was just watching her like a play was about too unfolded to weather I think I was right it was the high recruiter of Sally Jones want too recruit me to Islamic State to be a martyr or something? I was reading on social media that there was another lady in the UK wanted on terror related charges called Jihadi Jane another blond lady. I laughed and thought they would want us to report about them on the news or something.
The lady with the funny ballroom red dress in Exeter I asked her if her name was Sally she said and nodded “No Richard my name was not Sally Jones I am Emma from the House of Frazer” I thought for a minute dress like this in a red ballroom dress does she dresses like this all the time out of place from the public the terrorism hot line said always report anything you had seen unusual like in the North African Film Battle of Alger 1960’s FLN Woman plant bombs in coffee shops in Alger the film won 7 Oscars and it was showed at the USA Pentagon with Hillary Clinton.
I guess people from those groups who ever they are monitoring us to find out who I am why I write too those countries and so on. Not only that other countries want to know who I am writing to them in Syria and elsewhere in the world.
Top entertainer who looks like this lady that I keep on seeing was said on her YouTube page from other people around the world to stop leaving messages on her blog that she was the real Sally Jones the white widow. Sally Jones the entertainer said on YouTube “Sally Jones is my stage name, the people in the uk is searching my name and you lot writing things on my blog that I am the white widow from Syria”. Sally Jones written on YouTube the old time music hall star saying Sally Jones “Richard, don’t believe those people I am not the white widow from Syria and I definitely never been too Syria stop leaving messages on my YouTube channel”.
I always thought it was impossible that any other those groups from abroad could cause us harm who are coming though north Africa and other road states such as Syria. Since the social media came in play anything could be possible anywhere in the world on the war on terrorism and ideas. I do hope now it is a thing of the past and in my life time I will never see on the BBC News they ever reported another lady or man going to attack the main land of the UK or Europe.
They are not real Muslim people Islamic State the Muslim people don’t think in this way in any other countries around the world in share law, I am Agnostic, included Syria, Iran and Algeria.
Social Media companies are still using out of date pages on the dark web and find my documents where I had no longer had those email address and mobile numbers at had to remove the inks that I had been written about those countries they see it different in those countries and some countries may have laws when other countries like Algeria understand this is my view as I want things to move forward and not backwards for another country like Algeria was in the 1800’s and the 1960’s. Algeria was not a colony but a part of France itself in 1800’s.
I told Radio Alger International that I hope one day Algeria will be like another Tunisia where western people like us in the UK could travel too your land and experience the healthy claimant just like the Victorians in the 1800’s.
Last question should have outdated and not relevant information that is being hold on people on social media companies make it easy for individuals to remove personal years long information on themselves under “right to be forgotten” laws? I had written to YouTube Head Office in California and they defused to remove my videos off on YouTube on Algerian Postcards where I had done 10 years ago on my internet address. It was showing a photo of my pen pal Boussad and talking about arab faith and the French Colony Wars which had spark of the 911 attack later on the twin towers I guess. Have you heard about the GIA who hijack the plan on the air France they intended to fly it into the Elfin Tower and 10 years later the world forgot about Algeria attacks.

Yours Sincerely

Richard Bealey

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